Fruits, vegetables and nuts

Acne: Asparagus, red and black raspberry
Arthritis: Apple, avocado, cherry watermelon
Bladder Inflammation: cloves
Burns: garlic, onion
Cancer: beet cabbage, wheat grass, barley grass, apricot, broccoli
Cholera: quince
Cystitis:  passion fruit
Diabetes: cabbage, chile peppers, green bean, artichoke
Diarrhea: blueberry, raspberry, quince, rhubarb
Ear Infections: elderberry
Eczema: asparagus blueberry celery elderberry
Gastritis: banana, plum prune
Influenza: red and black raspberry, citrus fruits, cloves
Intestinal trouble: oliva, persimmon
Leukemia: pumpkin
Liver disturbances: chervil pumpkin, tomato
Malaria: huckleberry, citrus
Meningitis: Garlic onion, cloves
Nausea: citrus
Old age: apricot, wheat grass, barley grass
Pneumonia: citrus, watercress, turnip
Psoriasis: elderberry celery blueberry
Poor circulation: raspberry
Rheumatism: mustard greens, avocado, cherry
Ringworm: pomegranate, onion
Scarlet fever: huckleberry
Senility: Wheat grass, barley grass,
Sinus: kohlrabi
Sore troth blue berry, passion fruit
Skin problems: asparagus, gooseberry, strawberry, olive, parsley, pumpkin watermelon, wheat-barley grass,
Syphilis: watercress, turnip,
Tonsillitis: elderberry, citrus, passion fruit
Trauma: nettle
Triglytcerides: apple
Tuberculosis dandelion nettle, watercress, turnip
Ulcers: raspberry, cabbage
Viral infections: grape, raisin
Whooping cough: watercress turnip, cloves, date, fig
Yeast Infections cloves, tomato, raspberry